We are so happy that you have decided join us on our next personal family trip to the Holy Land.  Psalm 84:5 tells us that great joy comes to those “who set their minds on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.”  For that reason, our Welch/Mills family has made regular trips there, and now you are welcomed to join us on our best trip ever!

As you enroll for this tour, you are also acknowledging that this is a privately-sponsored, by-invitation-only, Christian tour, with a family-friendly emphasis.  As your trip coordinators and hosts, we desire to protect the integrity and spiritual quality of this trip for all guests.   For this reason, this trip does not allow drunkenness, illegal substance abuse, co-habitation of unmarried or non-biblical married couples, or offensive and foul language.


This trip will be an exciting blend of spiritual emphasis, tourism, and cultural and historic discovery.  While we love people of all faiths and backgrounds, we want you to know that we will have an overall focus on the life of Jesus as Messiah, as well as the history of Judaism, Christianity, and Israel, and will be teaching from a pro-Israel position.  This will include daily spiritual talks, and music and drama at various locations mentioned in the Bible.  In addition to these all-group activities, we will also be offering voluntary Christian Baptism in the Jordan River, and Holy Communion, just for Believers who have already made a personal profession of faith in Jesus Christ.  Those who have not professed faith are welcome on our trip and are welcome to observe these activities without judgment; we have had others on our trips make great faith discoveries in Israel, and then participate as new Believers.  Possibly some traveling with us will still be unclear about their faith.  Perhaps this trip will lead them to their life-changing destiny too!


Our goal is to make the Bible come to life in a fresh, new and forever-life-changing way.  We believe you and your devotional life will never be the same!  


Please note that the sponsoring hosts reserve the right to make appropriate adjustments to protect these values and will work hard to ensure the spiritual nature and quality of this trip of a lifetime!


Shalom to all!  


The Welch-Mills Family


1 - We highly suggest taking out travel insurance for this or any international trips.  Our travel partner, EOT, offers the peace of mind of a premium travel insurance which includes "Cancel For Any Reason" coverage for approximately an additional 10% surcharge.  Covered losses will entitle enrollees to a full refund, while other elective cancelations will entitle enrollees to a travel credit with EOT.  The cost of this "Cancel For Any Reason" coverage is higher than some other travel insurance, and some credit card companies include travel insurance if part of a trip is paid with their credit card.  Please consider your options, and read all the information before purchasing. 

2 - We highly suggest paying for your trip by sending checks in the mail to EOT.  If you choose to use a credit card, please note you will incure a 4% fee on top of the advertised price of the trip.  

3 - You are entitled to a flight deviation (for an additional cost) from a city other than Boston, San Francisco or New York.  Please let us know if you would like to deviate.  

4 - For registration or payment questions feel free to contact EOT at the number listed in the Brochure below.  For itinerary or program-related questions, please use the contact us form or call the number listed on this website.  

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